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  • After being left in the lurch after 14 years with our old landscaper in the peak of spring cleanup season. I frantically searched Yelp and found Ostiguy.  It was fate.  Jessica called back within 24 hours and within 48 the crew was here.  They were beyond friendly and professional, worked all day, fixed the property up, it looks amazing.  They went above and beyond and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the service.  Elmer and Ernesto were a true pleasure to have, and their work was impeccable.  Cannot wait to have you guys back!

    Lena - Newton, MA
  • Description Of Work: 
    We needed a new driveway/patio, plus a new lawn in front of our house. Alex Ostiguy of Ostiguy Landscaping was very responsive. He came over and gave us some excellent suggestions, and we felt very comfortable with the idea of having him take on the project. We got bids from several other contractors...all of whom seemed very professional...but ultimately decided that we wanted to work with Alex. His bid was a few thousand dollars higher than the lowest bid, and he agreed to meet us part way on the final quote. The actual work involved completely re-doing the driveway: digging down 18 inches, compensating for the slope to create proper drainage, putting concrete pavers in place, and building a small retaining wall. In front of the house, the work involved digging out the existing lawn, putting in an irrigation system, and laying down sod. Alex literally laid the pavers himself. He and his crew worked extremely hard on the job, got it done on time, and cleaned everything up when they were finished.

    Angie's List Member Comments: 
    We couldn't be more pleased with the work that was done. The driveway and lawn look terrific, and Alex has told us that if anything ever needs to be revisited, all we need to do is call. In other words, he guarantees his work. As my wife says, this was a major project for us,in terms of the dollars spent, but it's also one of the few times we've come away from a project feeling completely satisfied with the value we received. Overall, we would wholeheartedly recommend Ostiguy Landscaping to anyone who needs this kind of work done.
  • Description Of Work: 
    They essentially leveled our yard. They ripped out the entire yard. They removed old concrete pathway. They graded the entire lot and brought in tons of top soil. They installed an irrigation system and they made beds and put mulch down. They put in a beautiful blue stone walkway.

    Angie's List Member Comments:
    They were very clean. They came when they said they were going to. I had reached out to them quite early, because I wanted to make sure we got in at the right time, because we wanted it to seed. At the beginning, he might not have been super responsive to my emails, but the work wasn't going to actually start for another three months. But later he went over everything that we wanted to do and was very responsive. Everything we did, he really worked with us to find what we could get the most out of our price. He did the job very well. He insured we had constant input on the design of the beds that we did and what options we could have, comparing different price options for like the walkway and that sort of thing. All in all, it looks great. He's come back. He's very, very, very good. We couldn't have been happier with the results. We were very happy with him. We got several quotes and he was maybe the second to the lowest price, but we felt the most comfortable with him. You know how you just feel comfortable with some people.
  • Description Of Work: 
    Rolled out sod in backyard. Cleaned out entire front bed and mulched. Put down crushed rock.

    Angie's List Member Comments: 
    Everything was excellent and fast!
  • Description Of Work: 
    They put in some sod and cilia bushes.

    Angie's List Member Comments: 
    They dug up the yard around here, put the sod in and it looks absolutely terrific. I have and will continue to recommend them to others.
  • Description Of Work: 
    He does a bi-weekly grass cutting for me. He has done some mulching and lawn clean up for us.

    Angie's List Member Comments: 
    It's been going really good and haven't had any problems. Prices are reasonable.
  • Description Of Work: 
    Alex and his crew took down several large trees and many small trees around the house, including grinding the stumps.  They then raked up the whole property, which was covered with 3-foot weeds and brambles, pulled out the roots and rocks, laid down new soil, and seeded it.  They also cut flower beds around the whole house, edged them, and mulched.

    Angie's List Member Comments: 
    They did a wonderful job and I would use the company again.  Alex and his crew were all very professional and friendly.  It was a hard job - we bought a property that hadn't been cared for in about 30 years, and our house was entirely surrounded with brambles and small scrubby trees.  They worked really hard for 5 days to clean everything up and then lay the grass seed.  The property now looks fantastic and I am very happy with their work. 

    Alex was also very responsive, which I appreciated.  His price was also fair (I compared it with other companies).  The end job came out to be more than I thought, but I added work along the way and feel that what I ended up paying was fair.
  • Description Of Work: 
    Clear backyard debris, New irrigation system, New sod, New walkway (covered in a separate review)

    Angie's List Member Comments: 
    The house that we bought had a jungle of weed & concrete in the backyard. Alex had to take out truck loads of debris even before he could begin his work. He was very professional and upfront in his initial walk-thru & estimate. Frankly, the estimate wasn't as detailed as one of the other guys but it seemed to cover all the major points. He came twice & did a basic inspection of the existing irrigation system. He gave a fair opinion that we would be better off putting a complete new system which I think was the right thing to do.
    On actual days of work, he & his crew arrived on time. Some days his crew showed sooner and Alex came late but then he stayed late as well, so we could meet him everyday and get proper updates. While clearing the backyard debris, he found a few nice stones that he re-arranged nicely in the new landscape.
    The quality of material (Hunter + Rainbird) and the worksmanship were both very good.

    After sales experience was decent too. The irrigation system overall was functioning very well (except for 1 out of the 27 heads giving trouble). Initially, he seemed hard to reach but he probably was on vacation around then. He did come back the following week and replaced the troublesome head.
  • Description Of Work: 
    Demolished existing front landing and walkway, removed all debris. Installed bluestone landing with granite riser on three sides, a granite walkway and two granite steps. He then removed existing front lawn, subsoil and rocks that were exposed by sewer line replacement work, added loam, which he then raked, seeded, and rolled. 

    Angie's List Member Comments:
    Alex was a pleasure to do business with. His bid proposal for the job was the most fair out of four. He anticipated the job would take a week, and it took a week. Most days he and his assistant arrived at nine a.m. and were finished by five p.m. The bluestone and granite work appears to be expertly done and looks great. The one slight negative is that I think the loam for the new front lawn could have been raked out more evenly flat than it was. (I have a point of reference: in my youth I worked for a landscaping company and we had these lawn jobs all the time.)  On the last day of the job, we decided together that one piece of his proposal (to build replacement footings for the columns on the new landing) wouldn't be practical considering that I was undecided about restoring them or replacing them; consequently, he removed that charge from his final billing. Alex seems to enjoy his work, has a very positive attitude, and appears to get along well with his workers. My wife and I highly recommend Alex for anyone's consideration.
  • Hedge trimming, scrub tree removal, and clean-up
    Ostiguy Landscape came the day they said they would and did a great job trimming a huge hedge that had not been trimmed for several years.  The clean up was great, and the bill was exactly what was quoted/ expected.  I can't ask for more. I look forward to the return for the fall hedge trimming.
  • We used Ostiguy Landscape for snow plowing in the winter when it started snowing.  We've been using them for about three years. They are very reliable and do a good job.  They always show up when it's necessary.  We've been very happy with their work.  We would absolutely use them again in the future.
  • We used them for snow removal.
    They show up whenever there is snowfall, and they do a good job of plowing the driveway and shoveling the sidewalk. They also charge a reasonable fee. They are also pleasant to deal with.
  • Ostiguy Landscape provided snow removal services.  for the little amount of snow and slush we had,  he was there early in the morning to do the work.  As a matter of fact when I opened my door I can see where his men had worked...before 7AM!!  Quite impressive. I am thrilled with the quality and timeliness of his work.  
  • They removed old landscape timbers and cut and installed new ones and regraded our small side yard. We will be asking them about doing more work in the future. They did it all in one day.
  • I hired Ostiguy Landscape to do my landscaping and some snow removal. He does a great job. He is fantastic. He does a great cleaning job and he is punctual. I will hire him again in the future.
  • Came with a bobcat and two trucks. Removed a huge amount of snow from my driveway and hauled it away. I checked for providers on Angie's List, and Alex Ostiguy was responsive, nearby, and competitively priced. He and a helper arrived as promised at 10pm, which given that I called him in the late afternoon, and more snow was predicted in the morning, was exactly what I needed. He used a bobcat-type loader to efficiently remove enough heavy snow to fill two trucks and haul it away to be dumped, and charged me what he quoted on the phone.
  • Ostiguy has been plowing our rather difficult steep narrow driveway this winter. They have been doing a great job! The drive and walkway are quite clear when they leave. They have come reliably, done a consistently good job. Every snow this year has required two plowings and they have come in the middle of the storm and after it finishes so that the driveway has been clear in between storms. Nice job!!!


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